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REAL BASS is our most advanced instrument yet, and another step forward with our scripting and technology. Another whole year of development has brought us deeper into the rabbit hole to make sure that this instrument is more efficient and useful than ever.
REAL BASS has been carefully sampled, edited, and scripted to be highly playable and easy to use.
  • ·         150 mb NKX compression format.
  • ·         613 samples /24 bit /44.1 KHz.
  • ·         Keyswitchs Mode.
  • ·         Up to 12 velocity layers.
  • ·         Attack control.
  • ·         Multiple FX Pages
  • ·         One interface for all controls.

Common Interface
The unified interface It allows you to easily use keys  and controller assignments, Three pages in one interface to eazy use, and sit the instruments perfectly in templates and virtual environments.
v  Main Page
§  Finger mode
§  Release
§  Ghost
§  Legato
§  Fretlesse
§  Percent
§  Pick
§  Resonence

v  FX Page
§  Frequancy
§  Compressor
§  Gain

v  Sound Page
§  Saturation
§  Cabinet
§  Air
§  Size

Keyboard and keyswitches
The instruments are designed to be performed and avoid burdening you with dozens of key switches to move between articulations and instead favour a more natural approach to playing with a MIDI keyboard and a few continuous controllers (CCs).
There is a three range of performance options that are perfect for most keyboard/piano players. 
·         keyswitches range for change the play mode (Slap, Muted, Fonger).
·         Sustain range it’s the play zone.
·         Gliss range contain all possible mode of gliss (Up, Down, Chromatic, ………….)

Legato and Monomode.
The library features fully playable monomode and legato that accurately model the real world instruments. Through the use of a sustain pedal (or CC of your choice) it is possible to play legato transitions for repetitions of a single note.

Full Kontakt Required

To use this library you’ll need the Native Instruments Full Kontakt
5.8.0 or above. It is also compatible with the free Kontakt Player.


Scripting and designing  BOUZIANE MOHAMMED FAYCEL
Samples Recording  TOUFIK AMEUR