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You MUST have Kontakt librarie to speed up your workflow and produce your music. It is the perfect tool to get results fast! Are you in a studio session and need to start a beat from scratch? Are you working with a songwriter and need some dope keys? Do you quickly wanna lay down some killer Mix? No worries! We got you covered with this one.
If you looking for some of the best sounding Kit for Kontakt libraries is out there? Then you should give a shot to CONGA-KIT made by us.
CONGA-KIT has been processed with compression and equalization to sound great in your mixes. This makes this Kontakt library particularly useful in music genres that require a huge and powerful kit, such as Modern and classic music.


Processed samples sound good off the bat. This means that you get inspired more easily and spend more time actually creating music rather than trying to get your mix to sound right.
Mixer Routing

You can use our mixer in interface to adjust volume of kits and adjust the paning and tuning. And you can routing it with the daw you use.


22 MB of total size
Kontakt Patches
NKX files Samples


·         Amazing sounding Kontakt
·         Mapped across your keys
·         Fast and easy to use
·         Processed to perfection
·         Smart and simple interface

Full Kontakt Required

To use this library you’ll need the Native Instruments Full Kontakt
5.8.0 or above. It is also compatible with the free Kontakt Player.


Scripting and designing  BOUZIANE MOHAMMED FAYCEL

Samples Recording  TOUFIK AMEUR